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Whats special about Tanabe Sustec Pro Coilovers? Find out more here!!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The Tanabe Sustec Pro CR Coilover allows for settings that are so accurate that it can be adjusted down to the specified mm desired using screw type adjustment. For people that want a wide range of height adjustment settings and an improved ride quality, this will suit your needs very well.

Tanabe’s Suspension systems are specifically designed for a short stroke and short case dampers that prevents bottoming out. Bottoming out technically means that the springs are compressed fully and has reached maximum travel length. Of course this will cause it to rub against the bump stop. The short stroke and short case design makes it easy to set up a comfortable ride even after lowering the car.

It looks like this in case you haven't seen this before
For all those who are clueless on whats a bump stop. It looks like this in case you haven't seen this before

The bump stop is commonly a rubber piece, but can also be a more sophisticated hydraulic damper. The bump stop extends the duration of the roughly vertical impact between the quickly moving suspension components and the comparatively slow-moving vehicle chassis. So for the same impulse, a bump stop reduces the force transferred to the vehicle chassis and body (versus parts of the suspension directly hitting parts of the chassis).

Rubbing against the bump stop will cause a noise that some of us are familiar with, a clunking sound, and for sure a very rough ride. I am sure that certainly this is what everyone doesn’t look forward to for your rides, that is why it is important to choose a proper suspension kit or the risk of damaging your car will be high.

Now lets get to the main functions of the Tanabe Sustec Pro Coilovers!!!

This video shows the production of the Tanabe Sustec Pro CR Coilover. Be sure to check it out!

Point.1 Natural and secure roll feeling barrel form spring

The shape of the strut type spring is a barrel form ( spring that has both low-speed follow-ability and high-speed stickiness by changing the winding diameter. It has both a soft ride on the street and a highly stable ride on the highway.

Point.2 Non-preload valve technology that greatly reduces unpleasant ruggedness/ bumpiness of the ride.

The leaf valve of the damper piston mounted on the Tanabe Pro CR coil over is a non-preload valve that does not require preload to bring the valve seats into close contact with each other. Compared to the conventional leaf valve that requires preload, it reacts sensitively to slight load fluctuations in the very low speed region and generates damping force quickly. With this advanced valve system, CR greatly reduces the "unpleasant ruggedness when riding in the city" peculiar to the harmonic drive


Point.3 Double seat ring to prevent abnormal noise while driving

Perfect measures against abnormal noise when operating the steering wheel (spring catching sound peculiar to the strut type). The seat ring that suppresses abnormal noise has a double structure made of resin that suppresses interference noise and a stainless steel sheet that smoothes the movement.

Point.4 Corrosion resistance and rust prevention measures are perfect, special plating & A6061 aluminium material

The threads that cannot be painted are guarded with special plating that suppresses the occurrence of rust. Aluminium material (A6061) with excellent corrosion resistance is used for the lower sheet and lock sheet. It can be installed with confidence even in areas where heavy snow melting agents are used.

Point 5.Designed exclusively for each model, giving sufficient strength to heavy-duty models

CR is designed exclusively for each model, including the amount of down, the setting of the spring rate, the damping force of the damper, the dimensions of the case and rod, the mounting position and strength of the bracket, and so on. We promise smooth mounting work, best suspension performance, and reliable quality.

Point 6. Promises long-life high performance 100,000 km 1 million times endurance test

Manufactured with strict adherence to "1/100 mm" as the tolerance standard for the seal and rod parts that cause oil leakage and gas leakage. The durability test of the oil seal requires a stroke of 1 million times and a mileage of 100,000 km.

Point.7 Promises a comfortable ride for all models Actual driving tasting

The actual running test of Sustec Pro CR is carried out on a dedicated test course that reproduces various road surface conditions. Ride comfort verification is actually set to low down, and the ride feeling in a full ride is also checked firmly. We will only deliver products that have been confirmed to satisfy the performance.

We hope you enjoyed this short article today. If you have any more questions, please feel free to drop us a pm or give us a call today at 6745 4700!!

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