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Aftermarket Exhaust Systems ( LTA Approved)

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Many of us here are car fanatics that very much agree that the first step of modifying your car will be of course to change the exhaust system of the car. We all agree right ? It is an essential part of any sports car you see on the roads, zooming by with the roar of the engine and the rumble of the exhaust systems. It is therefore inevitable that the regulatory authorities will step in to control the noise levels for modified vehicles, and in our country it just happens to be the Land Transport Authority (LTA) that does so.

The prices of sports cars in Singapore are already exorbitantly high , and of course with a sport car, we would like the roar of it to come together as well. But wait, do we even have a LTA approved exhaust system to fit in the first place? That is many of the concerns that we as car lovers face in Singapore. Regulations are strict and must be complied to fully or else you risk a $1000 fine or for repeated offences, impound of vehicle for the worst case scenario.

Therefore, getting an LTA approved exhaust is the best solution for car lovers in Singapore. Aftermarket exhaust distributors go through strenous testing and countless amounts of paperwork to be submitted to LTA before it can be approved. Of course, the costs are not cheap as well and it can cost up to 5 figures just for 1 car.

Here at Jeep Chee, we do carry a few brands of approved aftermarket exhaust systems for many different cars. We have Supersprint exhaust systems, which is an exhaust manufacturing company that is based in Italy, and exhaust production has been done to ensure that the car gains the maximum output with the fitting of the exhaust. Numerous Dyno tests are also being done daily at their factory in Mantova to measure the efficacy of the exhaust. We have carried the Supersprint brand for close to 20 years and counting. They specialise in Aftermarket Exhaust systems for Continental cars. More info on their website can be found here:

Some examples of Supersprint exhaust systems that we have are:

Audi A4/A5 B8
Volkswagen Scirocco
Kia Cerato Forte

The next brand of approved exhaust systems caters mostly to the Japanese Cars: Tanabe.

Tanabe's exhaust systems follow their regulatory authority's (JQR) standards strictly, which provide comfortable street noise levels with slight exhaust noise. They have been developing Exhaust and Suspension systems for many years and participated in many races in Japan.

Some examples of Tanabe Exhaust Systems that we have are:

Honda Fit/Jazz GK
Kia Cerato K3
Mitsubishi GTO
Honda Vezel

Mitsubishi GTO

And lastly we have a very special brand called Advance Racing. For this brand, we only have a legal exhaust for 1 car only.. which is the Honda GE6 model.

We hope that for sports car owners, you will be able to find an approved exhaust system for your car, as it is also a difficult task in a country like Singapore. However, don't let this dash your ray of hope as we might bring more goodies in the future. You never know, there might be one for your ride one day!

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