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Honda Shuttle Tanabe Sustec Pro CR Coilover

Honda Shuttle Tanabe Sustec Pro CR Coilover

💎Enhanced Performance: Improves handling precision, cornering stability, and steering response.


💎Rear 40 Levels Damping Force Adjustable: Provides an extensive range of adjustability, making it easy to customize for various purposes and achieve desired ride comfort.


💎Fully Adjustable: Allows customisation of ride height for personalized driving experience.


💎High-Quality Construction: Ensures durability and reliability under demanding driving conditions.


💎Balanced Comfort & Performance: Strikes a harmonious blend between sporty handling dynamics and daily drivability.


💎Application-Specific Designs: Tailored configurations for various vehicle makes and models for optimised performance and compatibility.


💎Wallet FRIENDLY! : Affordable street coilover bringing out the best of street suspension handling and affordability.




💎 Price NETT! : Includes installation,GST and Alignment!!💎 


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