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Honda Odyssey Tanabe ZT40 Coilover System

Honda Odyssey Tanabe ZT40 Coilover System

Tanabe ZT40 Coilover for Honda Odyssey


TVS (Twin Valve System): Ensures stable damping force even at super low speeds, addressing a common issue. Offers consistent damping force across all speed ranges, enhancing comfort and stability.


40 Levels Damping Force Adjustable: Provides an extensive range of adjustability, making it easy to customize for various purposes and achieve desired ride comfort.


High Durability Bearing and Thrust Seat: Utilizes top-quality components for durability and noise reduction, ensuring long-lasting performance and silent operation.


Reinforced Rubber Bushing Upper Mount: Specifically designed for each vehicle, enhances silence and comfort. Adjustable camber angle for certain strut mechanism suspension cars. Full Length Adjustable Type: Allows ride height adjustment without affecting suspension stroke, maintaining comfort while customizing height.


PRO210 Spring: Features extreme lightweight and high durability with world-class tensile strength, reducing metal fatigue and enhancing performance.


Tapered Bracket Lock: Ensures perfect locking and resistance against vibration and shock, addressing a common issue with adjustable coil-over kits.


Designed for Each Vehicle: Tailored design for optimal performance, including ride height, spring rate, damping force, and bracket shape, ensuring smooth installation and top-quality performance.


Twin Plate and Twin Coating: Provides high durability and rust-proofing, with knuckle parts featuring twin plates for durability under heavy loads, and the entire bracket part having twin coatings for rust prevention.


Wallet FRIENDLY! : Affordable street coilover bringing out the best of street suspension handling and affordability.


Price NETT! : Includes installation,GST and Alignment!!

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