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HIGHSPARK Performance Ignition Coil System (SPORT)

HIGHSPARK Performance Ignition Coil System (SPORT)

✨Strictly Made in Japan


✨Increase Spark and Torque!


•More sparks and more sparking frequency than genuine coils!


When using this coil, a high energy spark is continuously generated over a long period of time (peak voltage 15 kv over (OEM approx. 10 kv)


Furthermore it is designed to be able to ignite 2 to 2.5 times from a single spark signal.This strong spark greatly improves engine performance (response,torque and power). It also reduces the jerky feeling at the-start and when using the accelerator on-off, which tend to happen with other reinforced coils.


Check our their website here:


Available for MOST CAR MODELS! JDM,KDM or Continental Cars as well!

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