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Audi A7 Supersprint Exhaust System

Audi A7 Supersprint Exhaust System

Supersprint Catback Exhaust System (Center and Rear mufflers with quad tips) for Audi A7


Supersprint mufflers, manufactured at the Mantova facility, offer significant weight savings compared to OEM mufflers through the use of reduced thickness piping and sheeting.


Performance gains across the rev range are crucial, alongside maintaining a balanced sound quality. Attention is given to even the smallest details like attachment hardware, weld quality, and component joints to prevent failures in critical areas.


Constructed with 304 stainless steel for internal and external piping, as well as the canister, ensuring durability and quality.


They feature a "direct flow" design for optimal back pressure reduction along the entire exhaust system.


Precision attachment points and hardware guarantee a perfect fit in OE locations.


Sound deadening is achieved using stainless steel wool and basalt wool for effective absorption.


Worth every dollar and cent for the perfect legal exhaust system with official documents and the Supersprint certificate.


Price NETT ! Includes installation and GST of course (Exhaust inspection fee not included, payable to Vicom/STA centres directly)

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