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Wheels upgrade guide for SSR Rims

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Tired of looking at the side profile of your car and feeling like even with other modifications such as exhaust and suspension upgrades, the car still doesn't look "fierce" enough?? Guess its time for you to get some sport rims for your cars!

SSR has a wide range of different sport rims, the mainly popular ones are the GT-X series, Executor series,Professor series and lastly the Reiner Series.

GT-X Series:

Executor Series:

Professor Series:

Reiner Series:

As you can see, SSR is a leading brand and a recognised name in the wheel industry, creating some of the best rims in the world. All of SSR wheels have some kinds of racing spirits that are fed back from the top category of motorsports. Our stance of wheel supplyer for motorsports is not only for increasing brand value but also for taking back data and technology from it and improving the wheel performance and quality.

From legendary MK-Ⅰ, the world lightest TYPE-C and TYPE-F(certain sizes and period) and current GT series. SSR high performance wheels are tougher and racing quality itself.

Did you know that Sport Rims are either Cast or Forged Rims? The structure and manufacturing process are important factors to characterize wheels.SSR chooses the structure and manufacturing method that is the most suitable for the theme of the new wheel.There is no superiority or inferiority on structure and manufacturing process.You will understand that all of the structures and manufacturing processes of SSR wheel have potentials to live up to your greatest imagination of what you want your car to look like.

Rims can be also made in 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece Rims.

It's important to know the function that one is looking for, before purchasing new rims.

1 Piece Rim: Simple and the best structure for sports.It is easy to produce a high accuracy and high strength because it doesn’t have any seam, it has some advantage for the lightweight. Also it’s better for the degree of freedom of the design.

2 Piece Rim: No.1 flexibility for inset.The merit of this structure is the degree of freedom of the inset. It can make so many variation for the inset, you can choose and adjust the style you need.

3 Piece Rim: Rarity, craftsmanship and premium.For the 3 piece wheel, it needs to assemble the outer rims, inner rims and center disc with pierced bolts, it is the most luxurious structure in the wheels. SSR continue to supply this as the symbolic item for premium wheels.

This is a close up diagram of the parts of the Rim:

Rims are an essential part of any car, it gives a final finishing touch to the aesthetic look. There are many factors to consider when getting the correct rim for your ride Tyre size, offsets, weight are a few important factors to consider. Here at Jeep Chee, we will make sure we meet your upmost needs and we will do our best to offer our advice to all.

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