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Changing your car's Coilovers, what's the purpose?

It can be a puzzling question for some of you who are getting started in the car modification scene. What does a Coilover really do, and why should I spend such a big amount of money on them? Here at Jeep Chee Garage, we are here to answer some of these questions for you!

What kind of Coilovers do we offer at Jeep Chee Garage?

We have a few brands of Suspensions that we offer for different cars, mainly for Japanese and Korean made cars. For the Japanese cars, as many of you might know, Jeep Chee Garage has been carrying the Tanabe brand for over 20 years. Tanabe has been our number one go to for all Japanese rides. They have the perfect combination of damping and ride comfortability. Tanabe Pro CR and the Tanabe Pro CR40 Series are specifically designed for street use hence its perfect for you even if you have a family of 4 sitting in the car! Now you can get the best of both worlds!

Now for the juicy part: Why can't I just use the stock suspension setup? Whats the difference between this and an aftermarket suspension system?

Some might say, I feel that my ride is already comfortable and for driving wise the handling is relatively acceptable for day to day drive. We get it, the stock suspensions that have been provided by the car manufacturers have to be of a certain quality and comfort before producing the cars. However, for those of you who want to maximise the potential of your car, or car enthusiasts that want to push your car to a greater limit, changing of the suspension system is a must else it is extremely unsafe for one to do so as the stock ones are only built for day to day normal driving.

Another question that we get a lot is will it be too hard? I want to install this but I'm afraid it will sacrifice the comfort of the ride?

To put it in perspective, for many aftermarket brands, they produce very stiff coilovers that has a very high spring rate and that results in a very stiff suspension for the ride. For the Tanabe coilovers, the spring rate is about 4-5k averagely for the Tanabe Pro CR40 series. Apart from that, one will be able to adjust the damping settings as well, finding the appropriate damping setting which differs for every individual. We do have a default damping setting which is comfortable for everyone even with children in the ride. Also a special secret for you all: the CR series actually stands for Comfort Ride! Bet not many people knows about that!

Coilsprings or Coilover? Which one should I choose?

We do get this question a lot as well. Many people ask if I want to just lower my car, would installing just a coil spring suffice? The answer is yes. Coilsprings are usually designed to lower the height of the car, it is significantly a better option for your wallet as well! We would advise customers who are just going for the aesthetic look to change to coilsprings instead.

For the more adventurous people, the daredevil types who like to push their rides, a coil spring change itself will surely be a risk to one's life and that's when a coilover is needed.

A coilover basically is made up of the shock absorber part as well as the springs, do note that this spring and the coilspring are not interchangable. By changing the shock absorber also, it can greatly affect the rollover and handling of the ride. Remember, one can only push the hardest when the correct modifications have been done, if not one will endanger the lives of not only himself/herselves but to road users too. And lastly, know your car's limit!

At Jeep Chee Garage, for coilover upgrades, you can always come to us for an enquiry if you are still confused about which kind you should purchase. We take pride in our work and will serve everyone to the best of our abilities. Only at Jeep Chee, we also include the vehicle alignment service as well as 2 complimentary coilover adjustments when you install a coilover with us!

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